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Welcome to my My crafts and garden.

CREATING, CARING and WRITING are my hobbies

I am extremely thankful to my beloved mother for passing down her knowledge and skills to me that has enriched my life and made me appreciate the more simpler things in life. It is very much true that the Paradise lies beneath Mother’s feet. All the knowledge that I have of handicrafts passed down to me from my beloved mother. Also some knowledge of Gardening I learnt it from my mother while I used to help her in the garden. My mother used to do all kinds of handicrafts and she was a very knowledgeable and skilful person.

Creating, gives me something to admire which I make and that make me happy and also make me feel freedom that I can make anything what I want. Creating things configure my mind to do anything skilfully and in proper way how it is supposed to be done, increases my knowledge and skills by making and practicing and also I learn more new things by making mistakes. I loose nothing with that but gain more knowledge.

Caring, looking after the nature like garden plants cheers me up all the time, give me relaxation and keep my mind and health healthy and fit. I believe that we always stay connected with nature because we human also the part of a nature and have a very close relationship with this earth.

Writing, I generally do not enjoy blogging or writing blogs, but I do enjoy sharing informations and the things that I have learnt. So, I now have an opportunity to share my knowledge with other people which hopefully will be useful and beneficial to them. As my mother said that whatever knowledge I have or I gain, always share it with others and do not keep it to yourself.

Well that’s all for now.

These days I have been posting some gardening information because it is a plant’s planting season and also because there are lots of pests come in gardens and damages the plants in this season, I am posting their informations that the people who have interest of gardening aware of these intruders if they don’t know and get prepare and prevent their plants to get damaged. The informations of gardening I am posting are all base on my own gardening experieance. Whatever problem or pests and plant diseases occur in my garden and how I treat and get rid of those pests, I tell on my website, also I publish some images of my flowers and plants in my garden and also I give information about garden events and shows so that people go there and get inspiration and new plants.

Meanwhile I am working on other crafts and web design projects to give you friends some tips and tutorials. Which I will start posting soon.

Good Day friends


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    1. Thank you very much Omer. Because of my very busy schedule I couldn’t publish more post but I am working on some more projects whic I will post soon on my website and I hope it will be interesting g too.😊

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