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Spring 2018 Garden Blog


Finally, the Daffodils are blooming, the lovely yellow colour so bright and cheerful that it makes me smile. I really brightens up these gloomy April days.

I am so happy to be spending more time outside in the garden. These blustery days and necessary but annoying rain continues, is challenging, but at least we are getting more sunshine.

Along with the blooming flowers, weeds are also growing. If weeds are growing in your garden, this is a good sign that the soil is warming up and your garden is ready for planting. But make sure take all the weeds out in your garden before it becomes a cumbersome job.

Also, keep an eye on Plants Disease like the most common one Diplocarpon rosae which is commonly known as Black Spot Fungus and Bugs like Greenfly and Blackfly which is called Aphids. They weaken and distort all the plants such as garden plants, house plants and greenhouse plants, fruits and vegetables, and specially roses. As soon as they are spotted, must get rid of them immediately because they multiply quickly.





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