Leather Buying Guide

Leather Buying Guide

This is very important to buy a right weight and size Leather of your need. I did not know this before so, I bought the wrong weight of Leather first time, and that’s why the wallet I made for me is thick and heavy. But, I like it and I am using it because it is good and very strong and is my first leather wallet which I made by my hand and myself. The quality of my wallet is very good and I believe that it will never wear out because it is very strong. Its photo is on my Leather Crafts Gallery.

For my this first Leather Wallet, I used two types of Leather. For the main Frame and middle long pocket, I used Black color COW HIDE LEATHER  and  for the card pockets, I used golden brown color ITALIAN GOAT SUEDE LEATHER. I bought my leather from ebay uk. The Leather Seller usually give the descriptions sizes and thickness and also they mention what it is suitable for such as Wallet, Bags , Belts etc. But some of them don’t explain this.


Leather different uses

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