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wing adult aphid
Winged Adult Aphid
White Cast Aphid Skin
White Cast Aphid Skin
washed Aphids
Washed Aphids down

Aphids are started appearing on Roses new leaves. Wash it down with water jet. Do not use any pesticide because it is no help. Wash the plants down for a week every day to get rid of the bugs. The best time to wash them is an hour before sunset when the temperature begins to cool. Read more.

Don’t miss RHS spectacular Flower Shows 2018

flower show 2018 feature image

RHS Malvern Spring Festival          

( 10 May, 2018 – 13 May, 2018 )

RHS Chelsea Flower Show                

( 22 May, 2018 – 26 May, 2018 )

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show      

( 6 Jun, 2018 – 10 Jun, 2018 )

RHS Garden  Harlow Carr Flower Show

(  22 Jun, 2018 – 24 June, 2018 )

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

( 2 Jul, 2018 – 8 Jul, 2018 )

ASCOT Spring Garden Show Year 2018.

Ascot Show entrance
ASCOT Spring Garden Show 2018 Entrance

ASCOT  Spring Garden Show 2018 is fun and inspiring. We attended this lovely colourful beautiful flower show today.  It was a small Show but was fun and inspiring that we ended up buying some new plants after seeing the show on our way back home. 15th April 2018 is a last day of this show. READ MY BLOG, I HAVE ALSO POSTED PICTURES.

 Keep an eye on intruders in your garden. Remember, it is Spring now.

Daisy weed for post

Along with planting new plants in the garden, it is also time to remove weeds now. The weeds starts growing in Spring. Growing weeds in the garden indicate that the soil is warming up and  ready for planting. But the weeds like Daisy which looks pretty with its white petals and yellow in centre spreads very quickly and become troublesome if not remove quickly.

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