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convert video mov to mp4

How to convert video from ” .mov ” to ” .mp4 ”  format for free without any software ?

There is a solution for everything if we put our mind to it. I wanted to embed my video in HTML page I was practicing. I tried, but it didn’t work because my videos are saved in ” .mov ” format and HTML accept videos in ” .mp4 “ format. So,I started looking for softwares for it. There are several free and paid softwares, apps and websites available to convert videos to mp4. But, I wasn’t sure which one is better, reliable and safe. So, I tried Google Photo and VOILA, I finally got it. I thank to Google Photo app developers who built such a wonderful Google Photo app. It saves the videos in mp4 format by default when we create movie from it, and not only this, there are more amazing features available in this app, and it is free.

In Google Photo, we are also able to trim the video and add music in it. By default, Google Photo add their own music from their music themes when we create movie from our videos or photos and they also built features options to make us able to edit musics. There are three options available in it:

  1.  Add musics from Google music themes. There are several interesting music themes available.
  2.  Add our own musics and
  3.  No Music. This option is for if we do not want any music in our video.

However, I am pleased with it and would like to share it with all of you. I have explained it in step by step images how to convert videos to mp4 format. So, let’s try it and I hope you all will like it too, and find it very useful for your projects. It does not take time, it just takes few seconds and it is done unless you do some more editing in your videos.

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