OneDrive Icon disappeared from windows how to bring it back

I had this issue sometimes ago and I am going to explain here how I got it back on my windows. So, let me tell you a little bit background first that what happened so you can see if you have a similar type of issue. You can still try this method even you don’t have the same issue as mine. There is no harm trying this method because you are not going to touch any of your windows system files as well as any files you worked on it.


I have Windows 10. I turned on my computer and waited till it was ready, but I notices OneDrive icon was missing on taskbar. I checked everywhere, on Task Pane, File Explorer and Start Menu, I couldn’t find anywhere and even its associated folder was disappeared from File Explorer where it was usually present. I restarted my computer and turned it Off and On but still no help.

So, I tried this method which was very safe, because I didn’t have to go through windows system file or install new one from website or entering some sort of coding into system etc which was frightening for me. If my this method doesn’t work for you then you get help directly from Microsoft Support.

So, this method is very simple and safe and what I did?, I SIMPLY CREATED A NEW FILE IN MICROSOFT OFFICE APP AND SAVED IT INTO MY LOCAL PC DOCUMENT FOLDER THEN SAVED IT ON MY ONE DRIVE THROUGH MY MICROSOFT OUTLOOK ACCOUNT which promptly not only brought back OneDrive icon on my windows Task Bar but also restored in Window’s File Explorer and Start Menu along with its associated Folder.

However, let me show you step by step how I fixed this missing issue of OneDrive Icon on my Windows 10. Also I will advice you to try this method before you go through some complicated methods. This method is safe and simple and you don’t have to go through your windows system files. So, here you go!


  1. I opened New workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  2. I just typed some text then saved it on PC Document Folder as ” ONDPC_1.xlsx “. You can save with any name you want. Go to FILE >SAVE AS then give a file name and saved it on PC Document Folder.
  3. Then once again I went to FILE > SAVE AS and this time I clicked on my Microsoft Window’s outlook email account.
  4. Then my Microsoft OneDrive folder opened on the screen and I saved the same file in this folder with different name as ” ONDTEST.xlsx “. You can give any name you want.
  5. As soon as I clicked on SAVE button, within few seconds OneDrive Icon re-appeared on Task Bar.
  6. I waited till OneDrive Icon status shows ” updated ” ( to check this status; Hover your mouse over OneDrive Icon and it will display the status ). When it was done, my OneDrive Icon started working normally as it was before and it’s files and folders restored in File Explorer and Start Menu.
  7. To make sure if it is Ok I restarted my computer and it worked perfectly normal as before.

I hop this will help. Good Luck! 👍

Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome.

predator insects of garden

I am not an expert by any means but I give advise from my own experiences, about garden pests and how I control them, and ultimately my passsion for gardening.

As you all know that it is true the insects and all other animals are created to keep nature balanced and environment clean and healthy. I do not use any kind of pesticides ☠️to control our garden pests, I leave this job for natural predator🕷 insects which control them very efficiently without harming our plants and spreading toxins in the ground which could cause harm to beneficial insects 🐝 🐞 as well as our plants 🌱.

So let me tell you about the insects I have seen in our garden eliminating the plant pests.

There are many different predator insects but I would like to talk about three very common predators which we see everyday and most of us ignore them, because many people don’t know how important and useful predators they are 😊.


This is the most amazing predator insect I have ever found in our garden. This predator preys on all kinds of garden insects such as Aphids, Sawfly Caterpillars and specially Buxus Box Moth tree caterpillars 🐛. I have filmed wasps while eating Buxus caterpillars in our garden.

Here I would like to talk about two types of wasps which are very similar to each other and are very common in all gardens. These wasps are known as COMMON WASPS and GERMAN WASPS.

These wasps eat almost everything like fruits, nectar from flowers, honey dew, various insects and also liking our cat’s food.

However, so far in the videos that I have filmed, I have found only the GERMAN WASPS were eating Buxus caterpillars on the Buxus plants and they have saved two Buxus plants out of four from this type of caterpillar. COMMON WASPS had been seen eating mostly fruits, nectar and honeydews from flowers as yet.

I always encourage them in our garden in order to keep harmful garden insects under control and to keep our plants safe from pests. But, I also keep an eye on these wasps to keep them at a minimum otherwise they build their nests and create their colonies in the garden which could be dangerous for good insects as well as a nuisance to ourselves. So, whenever I see any wasps hovering around walls and wood, I try to spray water on to the surfaces to not let them choose these areas to live. So, they just come for their prey and leave.

They active in our garden in Spring through out Autumn or just before the winter starts.



This predator is another amazing creature in gardens. As I try to control pests in our garden I found that this species of Spiders are also a natural pests controllers.

This spider is very common in gardens. It is commonly known as ORB WEB SPIDER because of it’s very advanced orb webs to catch flying insects. This spider is in such abundance in our garden that as soon as I enter our back garden it’s webs sticks to my face 🤣. So, now I always keep a stick with me swinging it in the air while entering the garden to break their webs to save myself 🤣.

Naturally, they prey on everything that is trapped in their web. So, in order to keep other beneficial garden insects specially pollinator insects safe, I always try to break their webs on the flower plants where the pollinator insects feed on. Otherwise I leave them alone and let them hunt other predators and harmful insects.

I do not destroy the webs instead I twine them around a tennis racket shaped fly swatter that I made of vines.

I found it’s webbing useful for us, which I use myself to catch flies and mosquitoes inside our house as well as in the garden. It is much more efficient than fly swatter.

I saw one spider wrapping a wasp in it’s web to eat. Another time, a different spider was looking at a wasp which was tangled in it’s web and waiting for the wasp to die so later the spider could have it’s feast.



L adybird 🐞 Larvae is an amazing predator insect. There are various different species of ladybird larvae and they all feed on Aphids of all types. I normally find them hidden on and under the leaves and stems on plants specially on Roses, Chamomile and Raspberry plants.

Last year 2019 I was very pleased to see lots of Ladybird Larvae in our garden. They were everywhere so I had to be very careful while I was pruning our plants.

I filmed couple of Ladybird Larvae eating green and black Aphids on top of garden recycle bin where I had thrown some plant cuttings. It seemed like they had escaped from the bin with the Aphids and eating them. Since then I try to be careful when throwing away plant cuttings. They eat slowly but do a necessary job.

I haven’t seen any adult 🐞 Ladybirds eating Aphids as yet. But I saw them eating honeydew on the leaves left by Aphids.I see them active in our garden in Spring until the end of Summer.

I tried to find out the species of this particular Larvae from different resources and learnt that this type of Ladybird Larvae is so called HARLIQUIN LADYBIRD LARVAE and also learnt from these resources that this species is very invasive and apart from eating Aphids they feed on other native Ladybird Larvae as well.

It has been stated not to harm any Ladybird Larvae because wether they are a native species or invasive, they are still important predators in our gardens.


convert video mov to mp4

How to convert video from ” .mov ” to ” .mp4 ”  format for free without any software ?

There is a solution for everything if we put our mind to it. I wanted to embed my video in HTML page I was practicing. I tried, but it didn’t work because my videos are saved in ” .mov ” format and HTML accept videos in ” .mp4 “ format. So,I started looking for softwares for it. There are several free and paid softwares, apps and websites available to convert videos to mp4. But, I wasn’t sure which one is better, reliable and safe. So, I tried Google Photo and VOILA, I finally got it. I thank to Google Photo app developers who built such a wonderful Google Photo app. It saves the videos in mp4 format by default when we create movie from it, and not only this, there are more amazing features available in this app, and it is free.

In Google Photo, we are also able to trim the video and add music in it. By default, Google Photo add their own music from their music themes when we create movie from our videos or photos and they also built features options to make us able to edit musics. There are three options available in it:

  1.  Add musics from Google music themes. There are several interesting music themes available.
  2.  Add our own musics and
  3.  No Music. This option is for if we do not want any music in our video.

However, I am pleased with it and would like to share it with all of you. I have explained it in step by step images how to convert videos to mp4 format. So, let’s try it and I hope you all will like it too, and find it very useful for your projects. It does not take time, it just takes few seconds and it is done unless you do some more editing in your videos.

What is destroying my Box Buxus plant

Does your  Box ( Buxus ) Plant looks like in this image?

topiary attaked by buxux caterpillar

Covered with Webbing and leaves are eaten of the Topiary/ Box (Buxus ) plant means that your plant has been attacked by BOX TREE CATERPILLAR ( Cydalima perspectalis ).

box tree caterpillar

This Caterpillar is the larvae of a moth and it feeds on Box ( Buxus ) plants. If this caterpillar not controlled immediately then it will completely defoliate your box plants like in this image below.

completley defoliated topiary

The more your plant is damaged the more caterpillars are present, so that could be up to hundred in one box plant as I personally collected and counted approximately 51 Box tree caterpillars as in images below.

many box caterpillar
box tree caterpillar in tray

How to eliminate Box Tree Caterpillar?

Best way is to remove them by hand as I do and the rest leave it to the natural predators insects such as the common Wasps which I found the most  incredible predator which eats all the plants eater insects. I actually filmed it eating caterpillar, CLICK HERE to watch video. I also upload this video on my twitter @inspiringhobby.

wasps attacked box tree caterpillar
german wasp

Hampton Court Flower Show year 2018

Hampton Court Flower Show 2018

Hampton Court RHS Flower Show is a wonderful place for day out with family and friends. My wife and I visited there couple of days ago. It was the most beautiful RHS spectacular Flower Show. It was very hot that day but we had a wonderful time. There were many beautiful amazing flowers, plants and award winning Garden on display. We bought some plants and garden accessories from there and their price were reasonable. There were  also many food stalls, restaurant and garden accessories, clothes and tools stalls which meant we spent too much money! It was well organised and also had First Aid Camps and place where you can get water free. The Car Park wasn’t too far but did not have clear signage that took us around 15-20 minutes to find it.

Well, I have taken some pictures of the  flower and Garden Displays. I couldn’t take the pictures of all the Garden Displays because there were too many people, very excited and anxiously wondering around everywhere hoping that I couldn’t get a better view to take pictures but eventually I managed.

I took some pictures also  in Ascot Spring Garden Show  we visited in April if you would like to see them.


Pretty but Lethal insect

Rosemary Beetle

rosemary beetle

This insect is green metallic colour with purple stripes. I saw this first time in our garden sitting on Lavender flower, they were three of them. It looked very pretty but if they are large in numbers then they can cause some serious damages to plants.

It is first time I saw this Beetle in our garden. I did not bother to do anything about it, because it looked pretty and harmless. Later, I checked on internet to find out what they are called.

So, I learnt that this Beetle is called Rosemary Beetle and it is harmful to aromatic plants such as Lavender, Thymes, Rosemary and other plants like these. This Beetle spread very fast and if they are too many in numbers then they can seriously harm the plants. Rosemary Beetle and its Larvae both feed on foliage and flowers of aromatic plants. So I quickly ran back to our garden and frantically started searching for them, eliminate them before they cause serious damage to our plants. Read more

Lethal insect for plants

This is a Grub of Vine Weevil

I gave some informations about Vine Weevil Beetle on my previous post. I did not have its Grub’s picture at that time. Finally, I have found some Grubs in one of our pot which contained Lilly bulbs. This plant wasn’t doing very well and it was dying because of the Grubs eating the bulbs. I treated this plant with Nematodes but it was already too late and the damage was done. Still, most of the grubs had been killed by Nematodes. I found only six grubs in the pot , two were alive and four were dead.

Read more to identify these grubs and to eliminate.

More Plants bugs arrived

Vine Weevil are out and about. Protect your potted plants !

Vine Weelvil are insects which eat plants leaves and its Grubs eat plant’s roots which kill the plants. I have caught them eating my plant’s leaves in our garden. I have killed them instantly. They already have damaged our all Lilly plants which are planted on pots. I had been investigating for two weeks that what was eating the leaves of  our Lilly, and finally I caught them yesterday. Must act now, protect your plants. What is Vine Weelvil and how to eliminate them ?

About me and my website

 CREATING, CARING and WRITING are my hobbies

I am extremely thankful to my beloved mother for passing down her knowledge and skills to me  that has enriched my life and made me appreciate the more simpler things in life. It is very much true that the Paradise lies beneath Mother’s feet. All the knowledge that I have of handicrafts passed down to me from my beloved mother. Also some  knowledge of Gardening I learnt it from my mother while I used to help her in the  garden. My mother used to do all kinds of handicrafts and she was a very knowledgeable and skilful person.

Creating, gives me something to admire which I make and that make me happy and also make me feel freedom that I can make anything what I want. Creating things configure my mind to do anything skilfully and in proper way how it is supposed to be done, increases my knowledge and skills by making and practicing and also I learn more new things by making mistakes. I loose nothing with that but gain more knowledge.

Caring, looking after the nature like garden plants cheers me up all the time, give me relaxation and keep my mind and health healthy and fit. I believe that we always stay connected with nature because we human also the part of a nature and have a very close relationship with this earth.

Writing, I generally do not enjoy blogging or writing blogs, but I do enjoy sharing informations and the things that I have learnt. So, I now have an  opportunity to share my knowledge with other people which hopefully will be useful and beneficial to them. As my mother said that whatever knowledge I have or I gain, always share it with others and do not keep it to yourself.

Well that’s all for now.

These days I have been posting some gardening information because it is a plant’s planting season and also because there are lots of pests come in gardens and damages the plants in this season, I am posting their informations that the people who have interest of gardening aware of these intruders if they don’t know and get prepare and prevent their plants to get damaged. The informations of gardening I am posting is all base on my own gardening experieance. Whatever problem or pests and plant diseases occur in my garden and how I treat and get rid of those pests, I tell on my website, also I publish some images of my flowers and plants in my garden and also I give information about garden events and shows so that people go there and get inspiration and new plants.

Meanwhile I am working on other crafts and web design projects to give you friends some tips and tutorials. Which I will start posting soon.

Good Day friends

Latest Garden News

I found more Sawfly caterpillar type larvae on my plants. I have posted their images so that if you see them in your garden quickly kill them before they eat your plants leaves, specially rose leaves. Do you know whit is Sawfly ?

sayfly full image
Rose sawfly caterpillar type larvae

Aphids Greenflies are Still attacking roses. They are not too many but still need to control them before they multiply. So, wash them down regularly or spray Neem Oil.


 More Photos of my garden plants and flowers have been added to my garden gallery 2018.



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