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What is destroying my Box Buxus plant

Does your  Box ( Buxus ) Plant looks like in this image?

topiary attaked by buxux caterpillar

Covered with Webbing and leaves are eaten of the Topiary/ Box (Buxus ) plant means that your plant has been attacked by BOX TREE CATERPILLAR ( Cydalima perspectalis ).

box tree caterpillar

This Caterpillar is the larvae of a moth and it feeds on Box ( Buxus ) plants. If this caterpillar not controlled immediately then it will completely defoliate your box plants like in this image below.

completley defoliated topiary

The more your plant is damaged the more caterpillars are present, so that could be up to hundred in one box plant as I personally collected and counted approximately 51 Box tree caterpillars as in images below.

many box caterpillar
box tree caterpillar in tray

How to eliminate Box Tree Caterpillar?

Best way is to remove them by hand as I do and the rest leave it to the natural predators insects such as the common Wasps which I found the most  incredible predator which eats all the plants eater insects. I actually filmed it eating caterpillar, CLICK HERE to watch video. I also upload this video on my twitter @inspiringhobby.

wasps attacked box tree caterpillar
german wasp

Hampton Court Flower Show year 2018

Hampton Court Flower Show 2018

Hampton Court RHS Flower Show is a wonderful place for day out with family and friends. My wife and I visited there couple of days ago. It was the most beautiful RHS spectacular Flower Show. It was very hot that day but we had a wonderful time. There were many beautiful amazing flowers, plants and award winning Garden on display. We bought some plants and garden accessories from there and their price were reasonable. There were  also many food stalls, restaurant and garden accessories, clothes and tools stalls which meant we spent too much money! It was well organised and also had First Aid Camps and place where you can get water free. The Car Park wasn’t too far but did not have clear signage that took us around 15-20 minutes to find it.

Well, I have taken some pictures of the  flower and Garden Displays. I couldn’t take the pictures of all the Garden Displays because there were too many people, very excited and anxiously wondering around everywhere hoping that I couldn’t get a better view to take pictures but eventually I managed.

I took some pictures also  in Ascot Spring Garden Show  we visited in April if you would like to see them.


Pretty but Lethal insect

Rosemary Beetle

rosemary beetle

This insect is green metallic colour with purple stripes. I saw this first time in our garden sitting on Lavender flower, they were three of them. It looked very pretty but if they are large in numbers then they can cause some serious damages to plants.

It is first time I saw this Beetle in our garden. I did not bother to do anything about it, because it looked pretty and harmless. Later, I checked on internet to find out what they are called.

So, I learnt that this Beetle is called Rosemary Beetle and it is harmful to aromatic plants such as Lavender, Thymes, Rosemary and other plants like these. This Beetle spread very fast and if they are too many in numbers then they can seriously harm the plants. Rosemary Beetle and its Larvae both feed on foliage and flowers of aromatic plants. So I quickly ran back to our garden and frantically started searching for them, eliminate them before they cause serious damage to our plants. Read more

Lethal insect for plants

This is a Grub of Vine Weevil

I gave some informations about Vine Weevil Beetle on my previous post. I did not have its Grub’s picture at that time. Finally, I have found some Grubs in one of our pot which contained Lilly bulbs. This plant wasn’t doing very well and it was dying because of the Grubs eating the bulbs. I treated this plant with Nematodes but it was already too late and the damage was done. Still, most of the grubs had been killed by Nematodes. I found only six grubs in the pot , two were alive and four were dead.

Read more to identify these grubs and to eliminate.

More Plants bugs arrived

Vine Weevil are out and about. Protect your potted plants !

Vine Weelvil are insects which eat plants leaves and its Grubs eat plant’s roots which kill the plants. I have caught them eating my plant’s leaves in our garden. I have killed them instantly. They already have damaged our all Lilly plants which are planted on pots. I had been investigating for two weeks that what was eating the leaves of  our Lilly, and finally I caught them yesterday. Must act now, protect your plants. What is Vine Weelvil and how to eliminate them ?