Vine Weevil

What is Vine Weevil?

Vine Weevil
Vine Weevil

This insect is a Beetle. Vine Weevil is one of the worst insect. Adult Vine Weevil feed on foliage of many plants and shrubs which has green and soft stems, but has no persistent woody stems above the ground. It’s grubs feed on plants roots which cause death of plants. The grubs are the Larvae of Vine Weevil Beetle.

They are active all year round. Adult Vine Weevil start attacking  from Spring to late Summer and grubs are active from Summer to Spring. These grubs also eats roots of grass, so if you see the yellow patches on your lawn, it may be infested by Grubs. Adult Vine Weevil eats only the plants leaves and does not cause serious damage to plants but its larvae/grubs is the problematic and very dangerous. There are several other species of Weevil which are closely related to Vine Weevil but they are not bad as larvae.

They also attack on vegetables and herbal plants.

Presence of Vine Weevil Beetles on plants indicate the presence of larvae/grubs also, so you must act immediately to get rid of these evil creatures before they destroy your garden.

How to get rid of Vine Weevil and its Grubs

Vine Weevil

To get rid of Adult Vine Weevil, you need to find it then pick it and eliminate it. It is easy to pick it because it does not fly, it walks slowly but it could jump or drop itself on the ground so you can’t see it. So, be careful when You pick up the Vine Weevil, try not to drop it because it will be difficult to see on the ground.  Before you pick it place a news paper or piece of cloth under the plant so it drop on to the cloth or paper so you can see it. Usually it come out at night when it is dark, but  I found them during the day because the plants were on shade area and this evil creature sitting and munching leaves. The following images of Vine weevil shows where they prefer to hide. So, this will give you an idea where to look for them.

Wine weevil2
Vine Weevil



To get rid of Grubs, the best solution is to use Nematodes which are available from Biological Suppliers and also from Garden Centres. It is a sachet formulations mixed in water and poured on to the pots and container. There are several different species of Nematodes which are for different Plants bugs, so tell the supplier or retailer  that you need it to kill Vine Weevil Beetle and its Grubs. Follow the instructions comes with the sachets. Treat twice a year, one between April and late June and the second time between August and September.

More Images of Vine Weevil:

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