The Agricultural and Handicrafts lifestyle was a necessity in Ancient Times, but now has became a hobby for people.

What was a way of life for ancient people, is still important for us now today. Not as a way of life, but for our peace of mind and well being.

I believe that making things from hands is very rewarding. So, I am hoping  and trying to become a  self-sufficient person, because I am gaining this knowledge and skills.

About Gardening, being a Gardner means living a ” Most Beautiful Life “. Gardening gives me more life satisfaction than anything else I do. We humans have a very close relationship with this earth, planting trees, fruits and vegetables and tilling soil, in fact looking after the earth.

My wife and I do gardening together. When we enter our back garden it feels like all the plants are happy to see us. I started taking their photos which I posted on my Garden Gallery.

This is how I started all these as hobby and along with I am learning the Website Designing, developing computer games with Unity and Blender to make games assets models.

Well thank you very much for your time to read my blog, I hope you found my website interesting. Please keep visiting my website. I will be posting new topics and information. Whatever I make new crafts I will post their pictures and also will give you some tips about them. Good Day everyone.  


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