Restore missing OneDrive icon on windows

I had this issue sometimes ago on my Windows 10 and I am going to tell you how I brought back OneDrive icon. Before I explain how I restored it, let me explain what happened. When I turned on my computer, OneDrive icon didn’t appear on Task Bar where it usually appears and it was also disappeared from File Explorer and Start Menu along with its associated Folder.

Therefore, I tried the following method and it did worked for me. I hope this method will work for you also. So, let’s get started and Good Luck 👍

This method is very simple and safe because you don’t have to go through any of your System File or your work file or install anything from any resource.

Only thing you need to do is create a file in any of Microsoft app such as Words, Excel, PowerPoint etc. First save that file in your any of PC Folder then save it to your Microsft Outlook account folder and that’s it. OneDrive icon will instantly come back to your windows Task Bar, File Explorer and Start Menu along with its associated folder.

Step 01

Open a blank file in Microsoft excel.

Step 02

Now to save it on your PC Document Folder go to File then click SAVE AS -> This PC -> Document then type TestOneDrive then click on SAVE.

Step 03

After you saved the file on your PC Document folder, go back to File click SAVE AS and this time click on your Microsoft Outlook account email eg; Before you do that please make sure you are already signed in. If not then your outlook account email might not show on that screen.

Step 04

After you clicked your outlook email the folders in your OneDrive will appear. Then select the folder where you want to save your file.

Step 05

Then click on Save button on the Save As dialog box to save it with the same name or first change the file name as OneDriveTest2 then click SAVE.

That is it. As soon as you save your file OneDrive icon will appear on your Window’s Task Bar and start loading. When you hover your mouse over the icon it will show you any of these messages signing in, processing or up to date. One it is up to date you are all set.

Just to make sure everything is ok, check your File Explorer folder and also Start Menu. When everything is ok then restart your computer and it should be back to normal.

I hope this method solve your problem but if not thenI will suggest you to contact Microsoft Support and they will help you.

Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome.


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