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To start with leather crafts project, I bought some basic tools set. There are many kinds of  leather crafts tools but these tools did good job for me and it works perfect . These tools are for beginners, I bought them from ebay and I made my wallet with it. The image of my wallet is in  Leather Crafts Gallery.

Basic Leather crafts tools
Tools for Leather crafts which I mostly use
Sealing healing Mat
Self-healing cutting Mat

This is Self-healing Cutting Mat. This is to use cutting only. Please Do Not use this to make holes in leather because it does not heal holes. You can buy this from eBay or any Stationary or Hobby-Crafts Shops.

Graph Paper
Graph Paper

You need the Graph Paper to design your craft and make the Template to cut it in right size and shape. This is A3 size sheet. you can buy whole Pad which contains 30 sheets or you can also get loose individual sheets as many as required for your project. This graph paper is one of many essential items needed.


You also need a Cardboard. 2 mm thickness of cardboard is ideal for project because of it’s thickness and sturdiness.


You will need Glue, to glue your leather pieces before you sew them in place permanently. You can use PVA or UHU Glue.


practice Artificial Leather
Wallets made from Synthetic Leather

Before I made my Leather wallet which is in my Image gallery I used my old Diary cover, Business cardholder and hand bag which were made of synthetic Leather ( artificial leather ) for practicing. I think you should do the same because if you make mistakes you will waste the leather and money.

After you have practiced and ready to make any item from real Leather, you need to know that which leather and what weight leather you need for it. For this I will give some Leather Buying Guides and their measurement and what is for.

Go to Leather Buying Guide Page ⇒

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