orb weaver spider

Orb-weaver spiders are very common garden spiders. I see them everyday in the backyard garden as well as on our plants in our driveway.

This species of spider is also beneficial predator insect in garden like other predator insects such as wasps, ladybird, ladybird larvae etc. I found them very useful in our garden.

With the help of their most advanced wheel shape webs they catch their prey which are mostly flies. I’ve taken some pictures of this spider wrapping common wasp and also, I filmed it wrapping a Bee.

Orb Web Weaver Spider Wrapping it’s prey
orb web swatter

I break their webs where the Bees 🐝 and other beneficial insects can be at risk of trapped in their webs and become their feast. But I do not destroy the webs instead I twine them around a tennis racket shaped fly swatter that I made of vines.

I found it’s webbing useful for us, which I use myself to catch flies and mosquitoes inside our house as well as in the garden. It is much more efficient than fly swatter and it is also very good at catching those pesky fruit flies. Watch the video below.

Orb Web Weaver Spider’s Web Fly Swatter


The following websites are of the experts on ORB WEB WEAVING SPIDER and other garden spiders and wild life. You can get all the information from here. I have got scientific names and other informations from these resources.

Garden Spiders | Eggs, Webs & Other Spider Facts – The RSPB

Orb-weaver spider – Wikipedia

Garden spider | The Wildlife Trusts

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