OneDrive Icon disappeared from windows how to bring it back

I had this issue sometimes ago and I am going to explain here how I got it back on my windows. So, let me tell you a little bit background first that what happened so you can see if you have a similar type of issue. You can still try this method even you don’t have the same issue as mine. There is no harm trying this method because you are not going to touch any of your windows system files as well as any files you worked on it.


I have Windows 10. I turned on my computer and waited till it was ready, but I notices OneDrive icon was missing on taskbar. I checked everywhere, on Task Pane, File Explorer and Start Menu, I couldn’t find anywhere and even its associated folder was disappeared from File Explorer where it was usually present. I restarted my computer and turned it Off and On but still no help.

So, I tried this method which was very safe, because I didn’t have to go through windows system file or install new one from website or entering some sort of coding into system etc which was frightening for me. If my this method doesn’t work for you then you get help directly from Microsoft Support.

So, this method is very simple and safe and what I did?, I SIMPLY CREATED A NEW FILE IN MICROSOFT OFFICE APP AND SAVED IT INTO MY LOCAL PC DOCUMENT FOLDER THEN SAVED IT ON MY ONE DRIVE THROUGH MY MICROSOFT OUTLOOK ACCOUNT which promptly not only brought back OneDrive icon on my windows Task Bar but also restored in Window’s File Explorer and Start Menu along with its associated Folder.

However, let me show you step by step how I fixed this missing issue of OneDrive Icon on my Windows 10. Also I will advice you to try this method before you go through some complicated methods. This method is safe and simple and you don’t have to go through your windows system files. So, here you go!


  1. I opened New workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  2. I just typed some text then saved it on PC Document Folder as ” ONDPC_1.xlsx “. You can save with any name you want. Go to FILE >SAVE AS then give a file name and saved it on PC Document Folder.
  3. Then once again I went to FILE > SAVE AS and this time I clicked on my Microsoft Window’s outlook email account.
  4. Then my Microsoft OneDrive folder opened on the screen and I saved the same file in this folder with different name as ” ONDTEST.xlsx “. You can give any name you want.
  5. As soon as I clicked on SAVE button, within few seconds OneDrive Icon re-appeared on Task Bar.
  6. I waited till OneDrive Icon status shows ” updated ” ( to check this status; Hover your mouse over OneDrive Icon and it will display the status ). When it was done, my OneDrive Icon started working normally as it was before and it’s files and folders restored in File Explorer and Start Menu.
  7. To make sure if it is Ok I restarted my computer and it worked perfectly normal as before.

I hop this will help. Good Luck! 👍

Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome.