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About WordPress


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. It has a website creation tool which is based on PHP and MySQL. It is very easy and users can build their website without knowing coding, however, if you have coding skills, the wordpress will allow you to use coding like CSS when you upgrade your domain to premier or business plan, and also you can monetise your website with WordAds and earn money. Many famous companies and blogs also use WordPress. It has many amazing different themes which allow users to change the look and functionality without altering the code and site content.


Before I explain more about WordPress I should say this first that I am very happy for building my website with WORDPRESS. It is so easy that I  who have zero knowledge of building website, don’t have any knowledge of internet or online technicalities that how to publish website, SEO etc, have now created my own blog  website and it is live because, WordPress did everything for me. I just created few webpages and posts and the WordPress did the rest.  Now I made this another new hobby to write a blog. Since I have WordPress when ever I need help or any problem WordPress experts helped me. They quickly respond my queries anytime whoever was available and tried to solve my problems. They also send me information and tips regularly via emails that what else I can do and how to improve my website better.

Since I have been using WordPress, I never found anything negative about WordPress. I started my website with Free Plan and now I have upgraded to Business Plan. I have read about other platforms for creating website but since I have started with WordPress I never wanted to use any other platforms because I believe that WordPress  has all the tools to build an amazing website.

Now. WordPress made a drastic change which is more powerful and amazing and this change is GUTENBERG.


Gutenberg is a biggest change in WordPress which is in version 5.0. It is a block base content editor and compare to Classic Editor, Gutenberg is big. When I heard about it I got worried that what will happen when it comes? Would I have to learn this new editor again now from scratch? What will happen to my website which I already launched it? Will I get the same facilities and tools I have in classic editor? Is it easy to understand Gutenberg tools? Are Gutenberg tools Better than classic editor? There were lots of questions were in my mind.

I played with Gutenberg demo for few times but didn’t understand. So I decided to wait till it would arrive then see. And when it arrived, I practiced on my local server and I couldn’t believe myself how good it was and I was delighted to work with Gutenberg editor. It is indeed amazing and more powerful, tools are very easy to use and have more features added in this editor. In fact I found this Gutenberg editor tools much easier than I would of thought. And not only this I can still use classic editor.

Well, I am not an expert in designing website but, I’m delighted  to share my knowledge whatever I have learnt and learning in WordPress so far and for this, I have made a page of WordPress tips. I hope this will be helpful to people like me.


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