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Box buxus Tree Caterpillar

These Caterpillars are the Larvae of a moth. They feed on Box ( Buxus ) plants, very rapidly spread, active from April to October and can defoliate Box plants completely if they are not controlled on time.

How do we know that our Box plant has been attcked by Box tree caterpillar?

There are following signs and images which indicates that your Box plant has been under attacked by these types of caterpillars. These caterpillars start eating leaves from the bottom of the plant to upward as shown in the image.

  • Leaves been eaten.
  • Webbing outside and inside the plant.
  • Crumbles of leaves which are acutually their droppings inside plants on webbings.
  • Folded leaves with webbing; that’s mean there is a baby caterpillar inside very tiny.
  • Wasps hovering over your box buxus plants.
  • Unpleasant odour coming from plant. This unpleasant smell increases when there are too many caterpillars are present and the plant is seriously damaged.
  • The following images will help you to know how Box plant looks like if attacked by this caterpillar. All these photos are of our damaged box plants in our garden:

To see the image gallery or full image please click on image.

How to eliminate Box ( Buxus ) tree caterpillar?

Best way is to remove them by hand as I do and the rest leave it to the natural predators insects such as the common Wasps which I found the most  incredible predator which eats all the plants eater insects. I actually filmed it eating caterpillar, watch the video below. I upload this video also on my twitter @inspiringhobby.


How does Box ( Buxus ) tree Moth looks like?

The following images of Box ( Buxus ) tree Moth. I took these pictures in our garden:


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