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daisy weed
Daisy ” Bellis Perennis “

Daisy is a white petalled pretty flower with a round yellow in centre. It produces the mats of foliage, and it is classified as weed grows on open big land and making its colony and occupied the whole land if not controlled.

Most of homeowners and gardeners don’t like this weed because it spreads very quickly. so, in this case, this weed must be removed immediately when seen in your lawn otherwise it could become troublesome.

Well, like other people I also I used to believe that Daisy is a weed but, in fact, in reality it is not a weed, it is a plant Because, I have investigated and noticed that the real weeds can very easily be removed from the ground. Although they multiply rapidly like Daisy and Dendelion but their roots are not strong enough to hold the plant firmly in the ground. We can just pull them out from the ground without digging or do not have to dig deep.

Everyone has different views about Daisy, some say good thing about it and some say bad thing about it, also I had same types of views but, since I have learnt the fact I started liking it and it does not bother me anymore if it is in my garden.

This plant ” Daisy ” classifies as Weed because of its characteristic as wrong plant grows at wrong place. Growing fast, and taking over all the space, doesn’t make plant a weed, and if any cultivated plants dies in presence of Daisy in the lawn that also doesn’t mean the Daisy caused it to die. It could be a bug who does it or it has not been properly looked after or a weather condition. So, if any of your plant dies in presence of Daisy, this seems like that it is at wrong place at wrong time. My lawn is full of Daisy and also Dendelion but my all types of plants are very healthy. And I have noticed that the only things effect my plants are plants bugs, plant diseases like black spot fungus or the weather condition, otherwise they are very healthy, giving lots of fruits and flowers. In my house, Daisies are only effecting the lawn because they took lot of space in our lawn which left less grass. And that is the only annoying thing it does. Anyway, I remove some daisies whenever I go in our garden, just to keep it minimum.

However, apart from its pretty innocent looking little flower, there are in fact also good things about Daisy. It is eatable and also used for many types of herbal medicines. It is also the source of nectar for Bees. So, for the sake of Bees, I do not completely get rid of them.


Removing this weed is not a very hard job but need to be hurry before it becomes troublesome and make its colony in your lawn.

Remove it by digging it up, pull it by hand in borders or cut with a kitchen knife everything above the ground every week, that will weaken the flower and make it loose so you can remove it more easily.

You can also drown it with water, that will loosen its roots then you can remove it easily.

Do not run lawn mower over this weed while cutting the grass because that helps to spread it all over the lawn.

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