dendelion taraxacum officinale

Dendelion Taraxacum Officinale
Dendelion ” Taraxacum Officinale “

This is a Perennial weed and grows on lawn, borders and hard surfaces. it has a bright yellow and orange flower and this flower head matures into spherical seeds which is called a ‘ clock ‘ seadheads and also known as blowballs and it caontains many single fluffy seeds.It spreads so fast like Daisy, and difficult to eliminate. This weed is very quick to flower and produces the large number of wind borne seeds which drifts long distance by wind. It has long tap root which grows deep and awkwardly. Its roots fracture very easily if it is not carefully removed, This weed must be completely removed because, it can regrow if the part of its broken root left in the ground.

Because of its awkwardly positioned and deeply grown tap roots It may become a difficult task to completely remove. This weed is hard to control once established, so as soon as it appears quickly dig this weed out and do not leave it until the flower to grow and produce its seeds.

While dendelion is considered a weed but, it is also eatable. It can be eaten as raw or cooked such as you can make its soup or eat raw as a salad. As I understood by someone who ate it, it is like spinach but bitter. This weed also used for making herbal medicines because it contains lots of vitamins. I have never tasted it and never will rather I eat spinach because its taste better.

This plant considered undesirable by every gardener, farmers and residential because it always grows wrong place such as garden, lawns, field farms, footpath, driveways.

Therefore, this weed in such circumstances not a weed when it is wanted to be eaten, making herbal medicines or using as a remedies. However, another species is the same weed might be dangerous that it could be poisonous to human and harmful to cultivated plants.


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