rigwort plantain plantago lanceolatal

Ribwort Plantain weed
Ribwort Plantain ” Plantago Lanceolatal “

Ribwort Plantain weed Ribwort Plantain ” Plantago Lanceolatal “
This weed commonly known as Ribwort Plantain and also Narrowleaf Plantain. It grows on Lawns, roadsides, agricultural lands, cultivated grounds and also driveways. It attracts wild life and pollinated by wind, flies and Beatles. It is also an important food source for Caterpillars of many species of butterflies. This weed also spread fast, makes its colony and become cumbersome to remove. It’s roots also grows deep and are long mess of roots and hard to remove. Its roots are 13.6 inches and 34.5 cm long.

Ridwort Plantain roots measured
Ridwort Plantain roots

This weed is in fact a wild plant/flower like Daisy and Dandelion. I learnt that its leaves and seeds are edible to eat as raw or cooked. But, I never tested it and never will, I rather eat vegetables instead which taste better and I know that the vegetables cause no harm. I also learnt that this plant can also be used for making medicines.

This plant is a perennial growing plant and it is classified as weed because it grows wrong place where we don’t want it.


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